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Welcome to DIMAC

        Our company began its activities in year 1,975 with the only aim to solve the constant problems arisen from the normal operation of any company like store clerk-distributor of accessories for the industry and, from our origins, the primary target was to try to obtain that the quality and the service were our distinguishing mark, specializing from the beginning in valves and transfer to us of fluids.

       With this aim, DIMAC, net Galician company, thought to take care of the diverse sectors of manufacture that compose the fundamental industry in Galicia. Our good beginning has allowed to carry out a policy us of expansion of market, as much in the scope of zones of influence, like of product diversification, obtaining a positive valuation in most of the clients by our certainty and good service.
Nevertheless, the income by technology sales and technical attendance increase quickly and, given the saturation of the inner market, we have thought that leaving to sell in the outside he is something more than a simple opportunity to extend the sphere of the business; it is a necessity to guarantee the survival, thus, our quality and capacity of innovation of the products that we sell, is constant decisive at the time of consolidating our position in the market.

       This growth, as much in articles as in clients, and the continuous and constant experience acquired in some of them, has forced our solid human equipment to develop to aptitudes and own attitudes for a better service to the client; to maintain a strict control of quality; to select an ample article range and to develop a policy of exclusive rights, all of them with the opportune homologation in the greater regional companies and than they suppose the satisfaction of the good one to do in DIMAC.

      With the passage of time, we saw ourselves in the necessity to create new companies to take care of different sectors, thus were born companies like CENTRO DE EXCLUSIVAS COELLO, S.L., dedicated to the import of industrial merchandise, and NUŅEZ MEIS, S.L., created for the repair and maintenance of valves and pumps, and STOCKLE, S.L., whose pricincipal activity is the rent and sale of self-propelled aerial platforms..
All the products that we commercialized, satisfy the requirements with the official norms, since they are made by companies of recognized international prestige.

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